Sometimes it can be difficult to enroll children in school. The school does not have to accept students who are not domiciled in that school's administrative area. In general, children are considered to have a domicile where their parents or legal guardians live. For children living with relatives or friends, who do not have legal guardianship, this can pose problems. If the child is living with an adult other than a parent or legal guardian, the child can be enrolled as long as he or she is

  • Not under suspension or expulsion from another school district
  • Not convicted of a felony
  • Living with an adult who is domiciled in the school district for one of the following reasons
  1. The death, serious illness, or incarceration of a parent of legal guardian
  2. The abandonment by a parent or legal guardian of the complete control of the student as evidenced by the failure to provide substantial financial support and parental guidance
  3. Abuse or neglect by the parent or legal guardian
  4. The physical or mental condition of the parent or legal guardian is such that he or she cannot provide adequate care and supervision of the student; or
  5. The loss or uninhabitability of the student's home as a result of a natural disaster

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